Basket, wicker, bamboo, green

Not available Basket, wicker, bamboo, green
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The wicker basket will give the room an original look. And the natural material - the bamboo from which it is made, will create a feeling of home warmth and coziness.

Advantages of a bamboo basket :.

  • the product is very light and environmentally friendly;.
  • shockproof, does not require special operating conditions;.
  • suitable for any style of interior decoration of the dining room and kitchen, has a warm structure.

Care for such dishes should be careful and careful so as not to damage the coating. It is ideal to use liquid detergents, moderate temperature water and a soft cloth.

Size: diameter - 23 cm, height - 17 cm, height with handle - 53 cm.

Color Green
Country China
Form Round
In box Count
Material Bamboo
Package size 23 cm × 17 cm × 53 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Set No
Structure Bamboo
Warehouse CVU 1
Можно оставлять зимой на улице No

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