Balls to the dry pool with the pattern, diameter of bowl 7.5 cm, set of 150 pieces, mixed colors

Balls to the dry pool with the pattern, diameter of bowl 7.5 cm, set of 150 pieces, mixed colors
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Bright multi-colored balls for a dry pool will add more positive, fun and excitement to children's games! On each element a picture is drawn: a typewriter, a giraffe, a sun, a flower, a heart, a boat, a smile or an asterisk. The balls are made in juicy glossy colors, they perfectly develop the perception of color in babies.

You can fill a child’s tent with a round bottom or a pool. In them, the child will "swim", wallow, and also toss light balls up and learn to catch them. In the game, young fidgets develop such useful skills as coordination of movements, accuracy, dexterity and the ability to interact with other children.

Complete safety.

The product is designed and manufactured in Russia from Russian materials and meets all state standards, has many advantages.


  • All parts are made of special hypoallergenic polyethylene, which does not emit harmful volatile substances, including when heated.
  • Safe and durable material is almost impossible to break, it can withstand heavy loads. If you step on any part, it simply deforms, and does not break, which eliminates any possibility of injury.
  • The polyethylene and dyes in the composition of the balls are raw materials that have not undergone processing, which means it is completely safe for delicate baby skin.

Quality confirmed by certificates.

Strict control at all stages, from production to packaging, eliminates marriage and makes the balls really high quality. Joints of parts are processed manually, and then pass an additional check for the absence of sharp parts. Has the certificate of conformity EAC.

The diameter of one element is 7.5 cm. The set is designed for children from 1 year.

Age Than 1 year
Country Russia
In box set
In the set pieces. 150
Package size 7.5 cm
Per package from 1 set
Structure Plastic
Trademark Соломон
Warehouse CVU 2

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