Baby doll "Cutie" soft, with accessories, sound effects

Not available Baby doll "Cutie" soft, with accessories, sound effects
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Choose a gift for a little lady.

The girl will come in indescribable delight from the cute little sweetie "Cutie".

This doll is just like a child: it can talk, cry, laugh and even sneeze. With a charming baby doll, the baby will really play mother-daughter.

Put the chrysalis to sleep, and she will fall asleep, and when she wakes up she will cry. If "Cutie" sneezed - it means she got sick and she urgently needs to be shown to the doctor. Pupsik is just learning to talk, but she can easily say “mom”, “dad” or “agu-agu”.

Sounds switch from clicking on a toy.

As a bonus, a birth certificate is included with the doll.

Games with "Cutie" contribute to the development of imagination, thinking, emotional perception. Girl masters social roles, learns about care and responsibility.

The doll runs on 3 AG13 batteries, not included in the package.

Age 3 years
Country China
Features dolls Audio features
For anyone For girls
Height, cm 31
In box Count
Material Textiles
Number of batteries 3
Package size 31 cm
Packing Package
Per package from 1 Count
Size batteries LR44 (V13GA, AG13, LR1154)
Sound Yes
Structure Plastic, textiles
Type of food From batteries
Warehouse CVU 2

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