Avtoodeyalo TORSO for the engine, 160 x 90 cm

Not available Avtoodeyalo TORSO for the engine, 160 x 90 cm
  • Brand: TORSO
  • Product Code: 1228163
  • Availability: Not available
  • $33.68

The TORSO auto blanket is intended for warming the internal combustion engine and units in the engine compartment at negative air temperature. It reduces the cooling rate of the internal combustion engine. Thus, the cost of warming up the engine to operating temperature is reduced and fuel consumption is saved up to 25% with proper operation. This product also helps to eliminate the possibility of the motor working in a sub-cooled state.

Using a blanket is more efficient than a hood insulation, and the material from which it is made has high wear resistance.

Additional application: in case of fire, it can be used as a fire panel.


  • Size: 160 x 90 cm.
  • Material: staple fiberglass.
  • Operating temperature range: –200 to +450 ° C.
Country Russia
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Structure Textiles
Trademark TORSO
Warehouse CVU 7

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