Autotable suction Cup "Very sorry",18,1 x 11.1 cm

Not available Autotable suction Cup "Very sorry",18,1 x 11.1 cm
  • Brand: KOTE
  • Product Code: 1175380
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  • $5.46

Autotable suction Cup "Very sorry", 18.1 x 11.1 cm will help convey your message to other participants in the movement. And she will decorate the interior of your iron horse and set a positive mood for the whole day. The kit includes a special suction cup that will firmly attach the plate to the rear or front glass. The movable element will swing amusingly on bumps and pits, and this will surely reduce dissatisfaction with our roads.

Unlike the sticker, the plate lasts longer, easily changes its location and leaves no traces of glue.

Let every trip give you only pleasure!

In boxCount
Package size18.1 cm × 11.1 cm × 2.5 cm
Per packagefrom 10 Count
StructureMetal, plastic, rubber

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