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Plaits for repair of tubeless tires, in a blister pack of 10 pcs.

Harnesses intended for repair of tubeless tires of a car allow quickly and efficiently restoring the..


Repair harness, 6x100 mm, set of 25 pcs.

On the road, many drivers damaged tires. Do not waste time and money on calling a tow truck, but pat..


Rubber tourniquet for tire repair SA-795, 20 cm, set of 50 pcs.

Repair tubeless tires with the help of these harnesses. They will quickly and efficiently restore th..


Rubber harness 620U, reinforced, 3.5x7x200 mm, set of 6 pcs.

Use a reinforced rubber band to repair any type of tubeless tire puncture. Its adhesive layer will c..