Fasteners and gaskets

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Set of cotter pins, 555 pcs.

Cotter pins are used to prevent self-loosening of nuts or fastening of lightly loaded parts. The cot..


Set of fasteners: nuts, washers, bolts, screws, screws, 347 pcs.

The set is used for fastening various parts. Reliability of the connection allows the installation o..


Set of grease nipples, 9 types, 110 pcs.

Grease fittings are interchangeable elements for pumping mechanisms. Designed for individual supply ..


Set of retaining rings, 225 pcs.

Lock rings are used to securely lock the rotating elements of the mechanism. Products are made of du..


Set of springs, 200 pcs.

The set includes compression springs and tension springs. They are made of steel, which has high str..


Fasteners and gaskets