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Airline X compressor, 30 l / min, 7 atm.

The compressor mechanism is made of metal, and the rubber hose, wires and all other elements are mad..


Automobile compressor Tornado AC-580, 14 A, 35 l / min, 55 PSI, 12 V.

The Tornado-AC 580 tire compressor provides inflation and inflation of tires for passenger cars of a..


Car compressor "Elephant 69", 30l / min.

A car compressor is an indispensable accessory for any driver, because you never know at what point ..


Compressor automobile Airline X6, two-piston, 70 l / min, 10 atm.

The most powerful compressor in the AIRLINE line, powered by a battery and armed with two pistons! T..


Compressor automobile AVS KA 580, 40 l / min, 10 atm.

Use the car compressor AVS KA 580 to inflate the tires of cars and trucks with air. It can also be u..


Compressor automobile AVS KS750D, two-cylinder, 75 l / min, 12 V, 10 atm.

With the help of a compressor, you pump air into the wheels of cars, balls, air mattresses, boats an..


Compressor automotive TK-102, 10 And 15 l/min, the wire 3 m, hose 45cm, black

The TORSO automobile compressor is an indispensable assistant for the motorist. It will be required ..