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Cleaning brush AVS BH-0264, with hose nozzle.

The AVS BH-0264 Wash Brush provides gentle and gentle car care. It has very soft and fluffy bristles..


Cleaning brush CA-536, with water tap.

The CA-536 washing brush with a water tap has a dense, long, fluffy bristle that preserves the pain..


Karcher PrimoFlex hose, d = 1/2 ", 50 m, 2.645-139.0.

PrimoFlex hose is designed to bring water to the place of irrigation. During normal daily use in the..


Karcher replacement gun, max 160 bar, max 60 ° C.

A high-quality Karcher pistol with soft rubber pads ensures comfortable operation. It is intended fo..


Karcher suction hose, packaged, 3 m, Eco, 2.643-101.0.

The suction hose of the Eco series is suitable for any apparatus of class K 3 - K 7, provides water ..


Karcher Vario Power Injection Tube, max 180 bar, for K 7 models.

Vario Power - an inkjet tube designed for washing machines. The high-pressure spear is made of impac..


Karcher Water Filter, assy., 2.642-794.0.

Karcher water filter is designed to protect the pump of the device from dirt particles contained in ..


Li-Sa washing brush, flow-through handle with water connection, 31 cm.

The Li-Sa brush is designed to wash the car and has a special nozzle for connecting the hose to the ..


Set of adapters for Karcher extension hose, 2 pcs.

Two adapters for attaching an extension hose with a threaded connector to a high-pressure apparatus ..


Sink Accessories