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Breathalyzer electronic (battery powered)

This breathalyzer is intended exclusively for private use. The device measures the level of alcohol ..


Breathalyzer electronic (battery powered)

The compact and ergonomic breathalyzer, which fits easily in your pocket, is designed to measure th..


Breathalyzer electronic (battery powered)

The compact, low-power portable breathalyzer is equipped with a backlit display, with which you can..


Breathalyzer electronic (battery powered)

With this stylish and inexpensive breathalyzer you can always determine if you can drive. The undou..


Breathalyzer e-N2, battery powered, LED backlight

The device is designed to detect alcohol vapor in exhaled air while monitoring the sobriety of drive..


Digital breathalyzer ALK-D-02.

Use the ALK-D-02 Digital Breathalyzer to independently determine the level of alcohol in the exhaled..


Airline ALK-HW-03 breathalyzer, digital, high-precision.

If in doubt whether you can drive after an evening feast, check your degree of intoxication for pre..


Breathalyzer N3 electronic, battery powered, LED backlight

An electronic breathalyzer will determine the level of alcohol in the blood by the inhaled air. A sp..