Cigarette Lighters & Splitters

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Car charger AVS ST-04, 1 output, 12/24 V, 0.9 A.

Charge the rechargeable batteries of mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, and other devices with..


Charger 3 in 1 LuazON, model UC-09, ABC 1 A, micro USB, 1 A, 1 m, szu 1A, white

A universal device allows you to charge your smartphone at home and in the car. The kit consists of ..


Charger 3 in 1 LuazON, model UC-11, AZU2.1A / 1 A, microUSB, 1A, 1 m, szu 1A, white.

The charger will allow you to connect and charge at the same time two devices powered by a USB port ..


Cigarette lighter socket 120 W, 12 V, 10 A.

The cigarette lighter socket is designed to install an additional power point for devices with a sta..


Cigarette lighter splitter , 2 socket, 12 / 24V

The splitter will solve the problem of shortage of energy sources and allow you to connect two devic..


Cigarette lighter splitter on the cable, 3 inputs, black

The cigarette lighter splitter will allow you to connect several devices powered by the ci..


Cigarette lighter splitter on the wire, 3 outlet + 1 USB, 500 mA

A cigarette lighter splitter on the wire is the perfect solution for your car. Such an accessory all..


Cigarette lighter splitter WF-4008, on a wire, 4 outlets + 2 USB, black

A splitter is a universal thing that will suit any type of car. Thanks to him, you can use several d..


Cigarette Lighters & Splitters