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Active antenna "Triad-003 Mini", all-wave, reception radius up to 80 km.

The antenna operates in the AM, FM and VHF bands. It is mounted on the windshield of a car under a r..


Active antenna "Triad-005 Mini", all-wave, reception radius up to 80 km.

Whatever your car, domestic or foreign car, retro or the newest model, SUV or compact car for the ci..


Active antenna "Triad-100 Gold", all-wave, anti-interference, city / highway, up to 150 km.

Each motorist appreciates convenience, surrounds himself with accessories that bring comfort and dis..


Active antenna "Triad-53 Turbo", all-wave, city / highway, reception radius up to 150 km.

The antenna "Triad" is intended for use inside the car. The device is suitable for any radio and gua..


Active antenna "Triad-99 Express", all-wave, city / highway, reception up to 110 km.

The in-line antenna "Triad" is designed for high-quality reception of signals of the ranges CB, LW, ..


Audible back-up alarm 12-24V, 110 dB

The sound signal provides good audibility and immediately attracts the attention of pedestrians to ..


AVS FC-270 fuses, "standard", 5-30 A, set of 10 pcs.

AVS FC-270 kits allow you to easily replace a blown fuse in your car. The body of the product is mad..


Battery terminals Autovirazh AV-010101, brass.

Use the Autovirazh AV-010101 terminals to connect the vehicle electrical system wires to the battery..


Car charger AVS ST-04, 1 output, 12/24 V, 0.9 A.

Charge the rechargeable batteries of mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, and other devices with..


Auto Electronics