School brushes

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A set of brushes -9%

A set of brushes "Little", mix, "Albatross", 2 pieces: round, No. 10 (goat hair), flat No. 10.

Brushes set "Baby" are made from goat hair and bristles. Tools are used to work with water-soluble p..

$8.37 $7.61

A set of brushes, 3 pieces, "Fox", synthetics, (round, No. 2; flat, No. 6, 2), "Albatross".

The "Fox" set includes 3 different brushes: round number 2, flat number 2 and 3. Synthetic brushes h..


A set of brushes, synthetics, 4 pieces, "Albatross", "Hobby" (nylon, round: No. 1, 3; flat No. 8, 10).

The Hobby set includes 4 different brushes: round # 1 and 3, flat # 8 and 10. Synthetic brushes have..


A set of brushes, synthetics, 6 pieces, Artberry, in a blister.

ArtBerry® synthetic hair brushes for painting and decorating. The working part of the brush is cover..


A set of rubber brushes, 3 piece, double-sided

Brushes with rubber tips are used for modeling, working with plasticine and sculpture. They are also..


School brushes