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Alarm clock "I love you", d=4cm, red

Not available Alarm clock "I love you", d=4cm, red
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Would you like to meet the first rays of the sun with pleasure? Then you definitely need a bright and positive alarm clock that will help you start a new day with a smile and get up “from that foot”.

Alarm clock "I love you", d = 4cm, red is an interesting model that will wake you up at exactly the scheduled time and will not let you miss an important meeting. Thanks to the original design, such an alarm clock will easily fit into any interior, and a durable metal case will protect it from any “blow of fate”. Such a baby will wake you up even if you do not want to get up at all and become your indispensable assistant.

Thanks to the romantic design of the “morning cock”, you can safely give such an alarm to your dearest person, and he will be immensely grateful to you.

Country China
Diameter, cm 4
Directory of VB Yes
Form Round
In box Count
Package size 2 cm × 4.5 cm × 6.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
Rosscup Yes
Size batteries AA
Size of the face, cm 4 x 4
Structure Metal, plastic, glass
Theme of the party 14 Feb

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