Air conditioning - instant protection "Aquacons" for aquarium water 50 ml.

Not available Air conditioning - instant protection
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The Aquacons Instant Protection conditioner for 50 ml aquarium water is designed to neutralize ammonia, chlorine, chloramine and heavy metal salts in marine and fresh aquarium water, which prevents poisoning of fish caused by these harmful substances.

Also, this conditioner helps to protect and restore damage to the mucous membrane and gills of fish, prevents and protects fish from various stresses, including those arising during their transportation.

Recommended for quarantine aquariums with newly acquired fish.

Mode of application:.

  • Determine the presence of harmful substances in aquarium water visually by the health of the fish or using a special test indicator (not included).
  • The conditioner is introduced into the aquarium at the rate of 5 ml for every 50 l of aquarium water.
  • After adding the product, mix the water in the aquarium carefully.
  • The recommended amount of air conditioning is safe for fish and aquarium plants.

    A five-fold excess of the specified dose in aquariums without plants is allowed.

    Country Russia
    In box Count
    Per package from 1 Count
    Rosscup Yes
    Structure See packaging
    Temp. limit NOT LOWER than ℃ +1
    Temp. the limitation is NOT HIGHER ℃ +30
    Trademark Зоомир
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    Warehouse CVU 5

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