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A massage Hoop, d=108 cm, 8 parts, 1.35 kg

A massage Hoop, d=108 cm, 8 parts, 1.35 kg
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The hoop provides an effective massage of the muscles of the abdomen and back, thereby contributing to the speedy burning of subcutaneous fat in the waist. On the inner surface of the hoop there are special massage elements equipped with small magnets that increase blood circulation and accelerate the saturation of body cells with oxygen and the removal of toxins. A hoop helps keep the body fit and stimulates the bowels. After a week of daily classes you will see amazing results !.


  • The hoop develops coordination of movements, flexibility, strength, a sense of rhythm, artistry, strengthens the vestibular apparatus.
  • Burns subcutaneous fat in problem areas of the body, improves skin condition in the waist, abdomen and hips.
  • Normalizes the intestines.
  • Trains and develops the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back and legs.
  • Using the hoop, you can perform a large number of exercises from gymnastics, and stretching exercises.
  • The hoop is convenient and easy to use. It does not require special knowledge and place for classes. It is enough to rotate the hoop 20-30 minutes a day and you will feel how your figure will change !.

Hoop weight without packaging: 1.35 kg.

Caspian goods Hoops for fitness
Color Blue
Country China
Diameter, cm 108
In box Count
Package size 108 cm × 108 cm × 3.5 cm
Per package from 1 Count
SK WB. 2003031381429
Structure Plastic
Warehouse CVU 2
Weighted No
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